3rd Party Risk Management

Cybersecurity Risk Portfolio

Our Programs Deliver Value:

Improved Security Posture with Reduced Cost of Ownership

Powerful Metrics to Inform Risk Based Decisions

Increased Purchasing Agility with Reduced Procurement Times

Demonstrable Compliance with Regulatory Requirements and Industry Best Practices

Third-Party Risk Management has been a focal point for the industry since the infamous breach of a large US retailer in December 2013. That specific breach was attributed to a weak third-party provider's security posture, and highlights cybersecurity interdependencies introduced in the supply chain. The cost associated with this breach, amounting to over $200 million as of August 2015, underscores the importance of understanding your provider’s security posture and risk introduced by the relationship. A combination of industry best practice, guidance, and our own unique experience has contributed to the design of our cybersecurity third-party risk management program.

Our Managed 3rd Party Cybersecurity Risk Portfolio Offering includes the following:

Relationship Characteristics and Risk Scoring

Due Diligence Activities & Mitigation Planning

Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring & Incident Management

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