Cybersecurity Improvement Planning

Program Development

Realize benefits in three to six months:

Program prioritization informed by risk based decisions and meaningful metrics

Improved readiness to manage cybersecurity crisis situations

Budget control and predictability


Many organizations are struggling to execute effective cybersecurity programs. There are several factors contributing to these struggles, including both internal and external pressures. The number and frequency of newly published regulatory or industry association guidance has increased, firms are fielding unprecedented inquiries from clients demanding to know how their security is managed, internal management is educated by media resulting in ever changing priorities, internal audit teams are hard-pressed to provide a satisfactory review recognizing political liability in the event of a breach, and security teams are flooded with increased security alerts. DiMichele Cyber Strategies will bring order to this otherwise chaotic picture using our methodologies informed by industry guidance and experience.

We will complete these activities for your organization:

Define your risk profile and risk appetite

Define current state of cybersecurity control maturity

Define prioritized cybersecurity control maturity targets informed by risk appetite

Define, orchestrate, and execute improvement plans


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