DiMichele Cyber Strategies

Who We Are

DiMichele Cyber Strategies, Inc. is a boutique Cybersecurity Consulting and Managed Services Firm.

We started our careers as technologists and evolved to bridge the gap between tech speak and executive management, elevating the cybersecurity conversation to the level required to drive risk management decisions.

We are process driven, delivering full solutions that include policy, procedure, and valuable metrics to effectively manage cybersecurity platforms overtime.

We see the forest through the trees, but recognize each and every tree for what it is. Our combination of vision and reality enables effective cybersecurity strategy development and program execution.

We focus on client needs, ensuring a full understanding to exceed expectations in our deliverables.

We bring passion to problem solving and deliver comprehensive solutions.

We believe awareness and education are fundamental cornerstones of a successful enterprise security program.

We contribute to our industry and community in multiple forums dedicated to security topics.



We want to help you build an effective cybersecurity program that protects against threats, detects cyber events, prepares response, and quickly recovers from Cyber Incidents.